PPC Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

PPC Marketing Strategy

If you believe spending money on your business ads, no doubt your budget is low, medium or high to reach your potential customers, then you can spend it on the right platform on Google AdWords. That’s the reason over there 246 millions of unique visitors, 3.5 billion daily interactions and the return on investment is approximately 700%.

Know About Google Ads

Google introduces a vast online marketing platform “Google AdWords” in October 2000. But after some re-branding in 2018, it was renamed “Google Ads”.

In the digital arena, ads from the span several channels, such as Google, YouTube, Blogger & thousands or millions of websites known as the Google Display Network.

This will guide you on what you need to know to get started advertising on Google. We will specify all the specific features of the Google Ads that will help you in optimizing your paid campaigns to achieve the desired goals with your ads.

Explore all the latest & proven marketing strategy for your business!

1 – Use Interactive Ads with 3d Object

It’s time to use new display ad format “Swirl” this helps users to interact with the 3d objects. This type of ad is designed only for mobile users, but it is proficient of being displayed on the desktop to describe the more information about your product for the users.

2 – Use YouTube Live Streams as Display Ads

Google is now presenting a new ad format “YouTube live streaming as Display Ads” for the marketers. Google can display this type of ad anywhere in the ad section. The live streaming video is free, therefore the advertiser will have to pay only for the ad unit.

3 – Mini-Campaign Builder Script

To save your time, Google launched mini-campaign builder script for your ad. You have only to do that some keywords and headlines in a spreadsheet and BAM & you will see the great campaign for your business. This ad shows three tabs, first one is keyword combination second one is negative keywords final one is ads to upload Google Ads Editor.

4 – Promote Deals & Drive in-store Purchase

It’s a great deal for the retailers emphasizing that consumers are “on the lookout for deals year-round.”

Let’s run down the strategies to promote deals & drive in-store purchases.

  • Adjust the bidding strategy seasonality – If you want to, that you are receiving sales or anticipate a jump in conversion rates, you have the best option for optimizing the bidding strategy with seasonality.
  • Engage more audience in market segments – Google allows you to add 30 new categories in the market segment such as beauty, sports, education and real estate, etc. to attract more audience for your ads.
  • Use Call ads for local campaigns – Last year Google launched one of the automated campaign formats “Local Campaign” to drive the traffic from the physical locations. You can run these types of ad on Google search, Google map, YouTube & Google Display Network.
  • Add Group locations – Now you have the option for set-up location groups or a subset of their locations. Google is telling “on sale near me” searches have increased by 250% since 2017.
  • Promote your business in local inventory ads – Google is bringing a new promotion called “local inventory ads”. The Shopping advertisements that element items accessible in stores situated near the searches. You can use this ad to highlight special offers & promotions. This feature is coming only, for now, the United State & Australia.

5 – Device Targeting Strategy

A report of the Google study says that 69% of cell phone proprietors go to portable pursuit first at the time of need, 76% of those looking for something close-by visit a related business inside multi-day and, at long last, 28% of these quests result in a buy.

So at this time targeting your audience by understanding their presence on mobile or desktop can give you a great deal. Let’s analyze your audience & focus on device targeting strategy to grab their attention on the ads.

6 – Replace Multichannel with Omnichannel Strategy

It’s time to replace multi-channel with Omnichannel marketing strategy. The reason is that multi-channel is a simple advertising channel such as Facebook & Google Ads. The actual problem of this channel is that by switching channels your experience will be reset. This provides you prone to receive marketing messaging that you have already received & are not relevant to your buying stage. On the other hand, Omnichannel takes multi-channel to a new height. Omnichannel is a continued experience that happens on multiple platforms, picking up where the user left off.

7 – Focus on Audience Targeting, not Keywords

Everyone knows that keywords play an important role to promote the business/products/services in the search engine. But the old days have gone where peoples bothering on the keywords for the advertising. This is 2019, here you should focus on the potential business audience on the search network. Because in 2019 they will gain equal importance in the search network for securing high performance,”

Follow these steps & optimize your Google Ad Campaign, according to this to get the best return on your investment. These steps will definitely work for all the business who have prepared a marketing plan every day for his business, but did not get the desired result from their investment.

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