SEO Ranking Factor for 2022 after Google’s Yearly (2021) Update

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When evaluating experiments, Google relies on feedback from its quality raters. Google always works according to the user’s intent what type of content they find useful and trustworthy. That’s the reason, Google is always rolling out a new update & factors to get useful & reliable content when users are searching any query in the Google SERP.

Let’s talk about the previous year’s update (2021). In the previous year, Google focused on various updates. Here we are going to discuss some major SEO updates of 2021 that changed the working module of the SEO specialists.

Top 5 SEO Updates in 2021

1 – Google Core Algorithm Update

In July 2021 people faced a ranking drop in SERP. This was a Google Core Algorithm update. The official update came from the official Twitter handle of SearchLiaison & it’s related to the Core Updates. Google Core Updates is related to the quality updates where high-quality relevant content websites promised to get higher visibility in the Google SERP.

But don’t worry! If you notice drop keyword ranking in the Google SERP it does not matter your website has any major problem, it just means that someone published relevant content according to the user’s intent.

How to deal with Google Core Algorithm Updates in 2022?

To deal with Core Updates you need to resolve these things from your website & you need to focus on the quality & relevant content on every web page.

  • Remove low quality-content
  • If you have thin content on the website then you need to add more relevant content.
  • Focus on Search queries. I mean what type of content your customer is looking for.

2 – Page Experience Update:

Google started the slow rollout of an update that enlists its current ranking signal page experience into the core algorithm. This update was officially named as Google Page Experience Update & completed rollout by August. However, Google accepted that the immediate impact of this rollout can be seen in SERP that arrive in the top stories.

What is Page Experience Update?

Page Experience update is an element of the Google Algorithms that include the following ranking factors such as Mobile-Friendly Sites, Safe Browsing, HTTPS, and No Intrusive Interstitials. The combination of these factors is called user experience signals.

How to deal with Page experience updates in 2022? You need to maintain the below factors in your website to deal with this.

  • Focus on Core Web Vitals (A Load time of web page during the opening, load time before user interaction & visual stability).
  • Your website should be Mobile-Friendly
  • Safe Browsing
  • Your website should be secure with HTTPS
  • To avoid a bad user experience, you need to remove popup ads from your website.

3 – Link Spam Update

Links are back in the SEO Industry after the new update of Google Link Spam Update. According to the Google official blog update, the update is planned to additionally examine the quality of the outbound links within a website. The clarification says Google has been observing an ever-increasing number of sites using outbound links as a means to monetize their website.

However, such monetization is permitted in certain cases, as for an affiliate site, Google has an idea to categorize these sites by using rel attributes to mark the type of the outbound link.

Its red signal for the website openly used link building tactics will see a drop in keywords ranking.

The declaration says, If you monetize your websites and blogs with affiliate links or sponsored and guest posts, it’s very important to qualify these 🔗 🔗 links. Learn more about commercial links and link spam →

— Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) July 26, 2021

How to deal with link spam updates in 2022?

It’s time to avoid link spammy building strategy because Google is implementing a new method to detect the low-quality link building sites and it’s a warning sign for those who rely on this method to manipulate the SERP. So let’s avoid the affiliate spammy link as well as paid guest posting sites.

4 – Product Review Update

Google’s product review updates are also known as the eCommerce SEO update. This was the 2nd product review update for 2021. The main intent was to help websites that offer in-depth reviews that help customers to make an informed buying decision.

Google had launched a similar update in April 2021. Websites with shallow reviews or thin reviews will add no value by that update. And the second update (December 2021) was familiar with the first one.

According to Google, they received lots of feedback from the users on what type of content they find useful & trustworthy. Every week Google asks for feedback from the users on different topics & search queries and after that Google analyzes what content is useful for the users and what is not. This is why because recently Google has added a new guideline. For now, this update is rolling out the English-Language pages. Google will be promoting these in-depth product reviews in their rankings.

We want to suggest to you that it doesn’t mean that if you have a low-quality product review then it will be removed completely from the search engine. Only it will be demoted from the first-page search results.

How to deal with product review updates in 2022?

  • Add more interactive media to your product reviews to help your expertise and show off your genuineness.
  • Provide links to multiple sellers, which will give your readers the option to purchase from the merchant of their choice.
  • Focus on Genuine reviews with original content of the customers.
  • Don’t use fake or spammy reviews or accounts to get higher visibility in the search result.

5 – Mobile Friendly Sites

As we know that in the last decade Mobile phone users have grown exponentially. So now it’s very important that your website should be mobile friendly for the users. According to a report by Statista, now the total number of smartphone users has crossed 6 billion across the world.

The importance of mobile friendly websites in 2022 is that Google considers mobile-friendly content and website first and is switching to mobile-first indexing for rank determination. The benefits of a mobile-friendly site are that it can improve your site’s visibility, cover a wider range of audiences & improve user experience, improve SEO scores, boost conversions, and can help you stand out from the crowd by making a difference.

To check if your website is mobile-friendly or not you can use a free online Google tool “Google PageSpeed Insights”. This tool also helps developers to show off bugs or error reports why your website is not mobile-friendly and what you should resolve to make your website mobile-friendly.

These are the 5 major points to win the SEO Game in 2022. If you don’t want to stand in the SEO queue, then you should follow these tips & these tips will definitely help you to rank higher visibility in the search result. If you have any recommendations, you can share your feedback in the comment box & we will always consider the valid points with your credit name. If you are not able to optimize your website according to these suggestions, you can contact NeePro Solutions as your professional SEO Agency for 2022.

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